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What is in the Database and these Web Pages?

I have significant amounts of descendent information for my BELL, JONES and MURPHY families. I'm trying to get as much as I can on the BURTONS, but I don't have much right now. Most of the other information regards my direct ancestors. I've included other information where I had it readily available.

Most of my ancestors tended to live in and around Virginia and Pennsylvania. With the exception of my Irish MURPHY line, most of my ancestral lines extend back to pre-Revolutionary times.


The great bulk of this research has been done by some members of my family.

Vera Jones has been conducting genealogical research since the early 1970s and is responsible for a large part of the information on these web pages. She is responsible for tracking many lines including JONES, ALLEN, KINDIG, GROFF, BROOKS, MANUEL and WHITSON among many others. She has always been very careful and accurate in her work. She was one of the major contributers to the book Allens: Quakers of the Shenandoah. She has reams and reams of information that I hope to some day get entered into the computer.

Jean Bell Herr gathered the information on the BELL family and their decendents.

Alice Murphy Rayman collected most of the MURPHY family and their decendents. Her daughter, Katherine Rayman Sexton added some to her work and was very helpful in passing information along to me.

Nancy Burton Giampa has furnished me with some information on the BURTONs and PAYNEs.

Considerable information has been gathered from the Hackley, Whitson and Payne web sites mentioned on my main page. They are excellent sites and carefully researched.

What have I done? All of the information I gathered from those above was on paper, so much of my work has been data entry. I have worked some on my BURTON line and have been pounding away at some of the brick walls encountered by those above.


It is not certain if the Richard L. JONES and Frances TERRELL listed are the parents of Henry Barton JONES, so all of the TERRELL information included here could have no connection to my JONES family.

Most of the information from before about 1650 or so was derived from the Morman Ancestory Files and is NOT proven or verified in any way. In the notes of most such people I have listed the Ancestory File number. This information can be found at http://www.familysearch.com/

The application I used to generate these web pages from my GEDCOM file for some reason made a mess of any records that involved women with multiple marriages. I've fixed some of these but I know I have not found them all. Please let me know if you come across any.