About Us

ReadStrong Philosophy

We believe:

  1. All students bring knowledge of language, literacies, and communication to school.
  2. Literacy is within reach for all children when they are provided thoughtful, purposeful instruction that builds on their strengths and assets.
  3. Our goal as supportive adults is to help children develop confidence to use literacy in meaningful and authentic ways in their lives. We want children to become joyfully literate. Our goal as teachers is to develop students who not only can read but want to read and choose to read.
  4. Struggling readers benefit most when teachers draw from multiple sources of research and instructional methods in order to construction an instructional plan tailored specifically to their needs and strengths. We do not advocate one particular method, program, or set of materials.

Criteria for Content
Websites, instructional ideas, and other site content will considered for inclusion on the site when it:

  • Makes reading fun
  • Emphasizes authentic use for literacy skills
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude toward students
  • Builds on existing strengths/assets of the student
  • Involves a wide variety of texts, including books, magazines, newspapers, electronic media, comics, jokes, poems/verse, and/or non-traditional types of print
  • Incorporates students’ culture and background, with a focus on making literacy meaningful to the student